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While we are processing your order, here is the first of you BONUSES; This is the first video in the "Instant Master Gardener" series. I'll be sending you a link via email for a week with these short powerful vids. This first one shows you what makes the difference between having a TON of fun in the garden, or working way too hard....

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Lets get started making you a Master Gardener!

This is the most important principle in growing your own food.  Really if you get just his one thing, you’ll be far ahead of almost every other gardener out there.  Today I unveil the one BIG SECRET to having a Green Thumb! Truthfully though, it’s not really a secret. But IT IS one of the single biggest factors to success in your garden.

The simple SECRET comes down to one word… fertility. Your favorite vegetables and fruits that you love to eat require rich, fertile soil in order to grow. When you eat them that fertility, those rich nutrients, are transferred into your body. So not only is fertility key in having a successful garden but will also play a big role in how satisfying, tasteful and healthful your home grown groceries are!

Near the end of the video I’ll show you a picture from my own orchard – a dramatic example of fertility at work.

Later I’ll show you the SIMPLE things you can do to add richness and fertility into your soil – it’s so quick and easy – and the payoffs are huge!

Marjory Wildcraft


PS… tomorrow we’ll be discussing one of the most common questions I get asked – “How much land do YOU really need?”. Don’t worry… I’ll the email with the link is coming tomorrow!

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